Monday, August 6, 2012

Kelie Grosso on One King's Lane

Kelie Grosso has a One King's Lane sale coming up at 6pm PT Tues. Set your alarms. 

On top of being genuinely kind, funny, and helpful, Kelie has great style. I was recently in her studio getting help with fabric for an ottoman that needs recovering, and I spied some good stuff (in fact, I snagged a really beautiful pillow on the spot), so I know you won't be disappointed. 


Lindsay@domicile{blog} said...

Hope Italy was grand.
Only a douche would hate it there.

Decorno said...

Italy WAS grand! We had the best time.

Anonymous said...

It's always a little depressing coming home to the States from Italy. There is not as much life in the streets in the evenings. Nor is there as much panache -- don't care what people say.

Xareenna Meyer said...

that was a beautiful and repaxing design.
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